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Dashian is over

I have started my regular activities since Dashain is over, and my exam is just around the corner. My studying habit is declining as I grow older. This is the worst preparation ever. A few days earlier, I received a magazine that covered the top 50 personalities of our nation and was shocked to see that our king appeared at the top along with ministers, politicians, industrialists, doctors, and Maoist leaders. I was reading this article and was struck by two thoughts: “Man, those guys [magazine people] know how to sell their stuff” and how come those who have played a major role in ruining our nation are influential personality figures [I am referring to politicians]. I am not influenced by politicians! Definitely not! After thinking for a while, I made my “top 5 personalities list”. These are people who have influenced people, not the kind of personality that comes from a shadowy journalist.

  1. Amber Gurung: He is a veteran Nepali singer, songwriter, and composer, but he wasn’t born here.
  2. Khagendra Sangraula – He is a well-known intellectual who uses satire to express the feelings of minorities.
  3. Lawyer & TV anchor Indra Lohani pick politicians for his famous show “Bahas” and debates about the hot political topics. Watching him strangle the politician and put them in “High & Dry” situations is fun.
  4. Amar Chitrakar is a talented artist who specializes in sculpture, but he is untrained.
  5. Mithila Sharma – is one of the most beautiful actresses on stage today.

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